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My body, my rights !
Espace Gaspésie-les-îles
Valérie Desrochers
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ISBN : 978-2-89820-639-9
Nombre de pages : 48
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Âge : Dès 3 ans
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During a special school activity, children learn that their bodies belong to them, and that they have the right to always feel good and safe in their bodies. They also learn what to do if people try to take away those rights.
There is Mateo's sister who always tries to take off his towel, Evelyn's aunt who calls her by a nickname she doesn't like, a stranger at the grocery store gives Kim a big scare, Charlie's grandfather who asks her to keep a bad secret...
In turn, the children will find the strength to assert themselves and to talk about it. It will sometimes be very difficult, but eauch of them will be able to feel safe again.
  • This book was designed as a tool to approach sexuality education with young children in order to prevent sexual assault.
  • It addresses complex issues : the body, the children rights, the touches that we like or dislike, strategies to ensure that our rights are respected, violence, bad secrets, the strength necessary to assert ourselves .
  • The use of animal characters and stories close to the daily life of children makes it possible to approach these subjects with kindness and respect for all children.
  • This book brings together many resources and advices for educators and concrete avenues of intervention.
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